Saturday 10 September 2022


 'A mother is child's first teacher and womb the first school'

"Garbha" means womb and "Sanskaar" means education. Garbhasanskaar is an ancient, majestic science of educating and bonding with the baby in the womb.

The strength of a building depends on the foundation of the building, once the foundation is laid minimal changes can be made, similarly eighty percent development of the baby's brain takes place during nine months in the womb , the remaining fifteen percent till six years of age and other five percent later in life.

It is truly said that couples become parents not when they give birth but as soon as they start thinking of becoming parents.

The process of giving birth to a physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually competent baby begins with spouse selection, Garbhadaan and Garbhasanskaar.

A mothers physical, mental, emotional status, along with the father's health, external environment and family support have a great influence on the baby developing in the womb.

Garbhasanskaar is not only about pregnancy but is a collection of daily practices that starts atleast six months before conceiving, it covers the phases from pre- pregnancy till the child is about two years of age.

Garbhasanskaar facilitates a healthy pregnancy and smooth child birth. It also helps in improving the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Quotient of babies.

The set of practises involve Pranayam, Breathwork, Visualisation, Positive Affirmations, Meditation, Listening to music, Healthy diet,certain Lifestyle modifications etc.

If you are a couple planning for pregnancy or in the pregnancy phase you can join these Garbhasanskaar classes in person or go for online classes. We Hridaan Holistic Healing Hub will be glad to answer your queries and provide guidance.

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  'A mother is child's first teacher and womb the first school' "Garbha" means womb and "Sanskaar" means edu...